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NEW-MakeBlock-Codey-Rocky-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW MakeBlock Codey Rocky Robot Kit

Your New Coding Companion! Children can learn about programming while they ... KR9230
Robot-Arm-Interface-Kit on sale

Robot Arm & Interface Kit

Capable of 5 separate movements and can easily perform complex tasks. Excellent ... KJ8916
Save over $30.00
Robot Arm Kit KJ8916
USB Interface Kit KJ8917
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NEW-Tobbie-the-Robot-Hexapod-Kit on sale

NEW Tobbie the Robot Hexapod Kit

Walk and spin in any direction, beep and flash his eyes while moving around. Age... KJ9031
NEW-12-in-1-Solar-Hydraulic-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW 12-in-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit

Learn about solar power and hydraulics. 12 easy to build models including crocod... KJ9030
80-Experiments-Kit on sale

80 Experiments Kit

Demonstrate various theories of electronics - from controlling a motor to a poli... KJ8970
XYZPrinting-Da-Vinci-3D-Pen on sale

XYZPrinting Da Vinci 3D Pen

Designed for Children. Mobile & Lightweight. Draw in 3D, or repair and ... TL4252
Filament to Suit TL4254
Kids-Clock-Kit on sale

Kids Clock Kit

Bright coloured parts. Easy to assemble. No batteries required. 31 pieces. 195mm... KJ8996
Mars-Solar-Rover-Kit on sale

Mars Solar Rover Kit

Learn about science and solar. Easy snap together construction. Ages 8+. KJ... KJ9026
Circuit-Stickers-Stem-Pack on sale

Circuit Stickers Stem Pack

Merge art and electronics! Includes copper tape, batteries, LEDs and heaps of te... KJ9330
MakeBlock-Neuron-Kit on sale

MakeBlock Neuron Kit

Great for the little ones, we’ve provided you with 3 projects with different l... KJ9190
MakeBlock-Airblock-Programmable-Drone-Kit on sale

MakeBlock Airblock Programmable Drone Kit

7-piece modular drone, hovercraft, car, spider and more! Made of magnetic, modul... KR9220
MakeBlock-mBot-Bluetooth-Robot-Kit on sale

MakeBlock mBot Bluetooth® Robot Kit

Avoid obstacles, follow lines, play soccer, and more. Control from your Smartpho... KR9200