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Speakers on sale in Auckland

Communication-Speakers on sale

Communication Speakers

For use with CBs and other communication devices. Mono speaker can be mounted in any position for enhanced listening. 3.5mm stereo plug. • Small. AS-3185 • Large. AS-3182 AS3185
Small AS-3185
Large AS-3182
NEW-Bluetooth-Audio-Dongle on sale

NEW Bluetooth® Audio Dongle

Stream an audio source to a Bluetooth® capable receiver or standalone Bluetooth speaker. Includes internal rechargeable battery. Ultra-portable. AA2104
Portable-Bluetooth-Speakers on sale

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Stream music from your smartphone whilst indoors or on the go. • 2 x 4WRMS waterproof. XC-5213 • 2 x 6WRMS compact. XC-5225 XC5213
2 x 4WRMS Waterproof XC-5213
2 x 6WRMS Compact XC-5225


  • Jaycar Electronics

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