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Speakers on sale in Auckland

Fusion-100W-Marine-Grade-Outdoor-Speakers on sale

Fusion 100W Marine Grade Outdoor Speakers

Water resistant box speakers, suitable for marine & outdoor use. (MS-OS420)
50% off, Save $76.00
$68.00 pair
Workshop-SpeakersAmplifiers on sale

Workshop Speakers/Amplifiers

Nerd Perks Club Offer Add sound to your workshop Just add speaker cable and enjoy listening to your tunes in the workshop. 1: 4" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers CS-2475 • Wall or ceiling mountable • Rotates 180° for perfect soun... CS2475
Save $59.80
Buy all for $279.00
Bundle deal valued at $338.80
4" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers CS-2475
$89.90 pair
2 X 50WRMS Stereo Amplifier AA-0488
3-Way Audio Selector AC-1655
25mm-Titanium-Dome-Tweeter on sale

25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter

Produces very crisp and clear high frequencies. Titanium dome with phase shield. • 50WRMS • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency response: 2-20kHz CT2007
Paper-Cone-Woofers on sale

Paper Cone Woofers

Excellent for replacement or for new speaker design constructions. • 8” 90WRMS CW-2196 • 10” 225WRMS CW-2198 • 12” 225WRMS CW-2199 CW2196
8” 90WRMS CW-2196
10” 225WRMS CW-2198
12” 225WRMS CW-2199
30m-Roll-Speaker-Cables on sale

30m Roll Speaker Cables

• Light Duty WB-1703. - 14/0.14mm.Grey with black trace. • Heavy Duty WB-1709. - 24/.20mm. Clear with black trace. • Extra Heavy Duty WB-1713. - 79/0.2mm. Clear with white trace. WB1703
Light Duty WB-1703
Heavy Duty WB-1709
Extra Heavy Duty WB-1713
Speaker-Cable-by-the-Metre on sale

Speaker Cable by the Metre

• Heavy Duty WB-1708. - Suited for speaker systems above 150W, 24/0.2mm. Clear with black trace. • Pro Audio WB-1754. - Super flexible. 41/0.16mm OFC. Separate colour-coded 18AWG red and black conductors. • Jumbo WB-1732. - Top quality. ... WB1708
Heavy Duty WB-1708
$1.50 per metre
$115.00 per roll
Pro Audio WB-1754
$2.40 per metre
$205.00 per roll
Jumbo WB-1732
$4.90 per metre
$410.00 per roll
650gsm-Acrylic-Speaker-Dampening-Material on sale

650gsm Acrylic Speaker Dampening Material

• Ideal for speaker boxes • Effective for acoustic treatment in sound rooms and studios • 700(W) x 1000(L) mm Nerd Perks, 2x Points AX3694


  • Repco
  • Jaycar Electronics

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