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Automotive Parts & Accessories on sale in Auckland

UHF-Antennas on sale

UHF Antennas

Robust and durable antennas suitable for cars, RVs and trucks. • 4DBI Flexible. DC-3073 • 5DBI Fibreglass. DC-3078 • 3DBI & 6.5DBI Premium. DC-3071 DC3073
4DBI Flexible DC-3073
5DBI Fibreglass DC-3078
3DBI & 6.5DBI Premium DC-3071
UHF-External-Antenna-Base-with-Cable on sale

UHF External Antenna Base with Cable

Enables you to add a larger antenna for better communication range. PL259 connection. 4.5m long. DC3066
Bluetooth-Handsfree-with-FM-Transmitter-and-2.1A-USB-Charger on sale

Bluetooth Handsfree with FM Transmitter and 2.1A USB Charger

Handsfree chat whilst driving Take calls or stream music from a smartphone via Bluetooth® to your car’s FM radio. 2.1A USB port. 12/24VDC. Remote included. AR3133
Smart-Multi-Stage-Battery-Chargers on sale

Smart Multi-Stage Battery Chargers

Intelligent SLA* battery chargers for automotive, marine, motorcycle or workshop use. Suitable for charging as well as maintenance. Multiple modes and in-built protection. Safe to leave connected for months. • 3-Stage 6/12VDC 1.5A. MB-3609 ... MB3609
3-Stage MB-3609
4-Stage MB-3611
9-Stage MB-3613
61224V-SLA-Battery-Charger on sale

6/12/24V SLA* Battery Charger

Automatically detects the battery voltage. Safe to leave connected for months. 1.2A. *SLA = Sealed Lead Acid. MB3527
12V-SLA-Batteries on sale

12V SLA* Batteries

High quality. Suitable for standby, emergency and backup power applications. • 1.3AH. SB-2480 • 2.2AH. SB-2482 • 4.5AH. SB-2484 • 6.5AH. SB-2485 • 7.2AH NBN Back-up battery. SB-2486 • 9.0AH. SB-2487 • 12AH. SB-2489 • 18AH.... SB2480
1.3AH SB-2480
2.2AH SB-2482
4.5AH SB-2484
6.5AH SB-2485
7.2AH NBN Back-up Battery SB-2486
9.0AH SB-2487
12AH SB-2489
18AH SB-2490
61224V-15A-Smart-Battery-Charger on sale

6/12/24V 15A Smart Battery Charger

Suitable for gel and lead acid batteries. Microprocessor control for automatic 4-stage charging, including float charge. Safe to leave permanently connected without risk to the battery. MB3623
NEW-1224V-20A-DC-to-DC-Battery-Charger on sale

NEW 12/24V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger

Dual battery system. Ideal for 12V auxiliary battery charging. Can be programmed to provide the correct charging mode for a wide range of battery types. • Also available: 12/24V 30A DC to DC battery charger. MB-3689 MB3684
Also Available: 12/24V 30A DC to DC Battery Charger MB-3689
NEW-12V-AGM-Deep-Cycle-Batteries on sale

NEW 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Designed to store large amounts of energy, they give superior deep cycling performance for many different recreational and industrial applications such as camping, boats, motorhomes etc. • 75AH. SB-1680 • 100AH. SB-1682 SB1680
75AH SB-1680
100AH SB-1682
Battery-Terminals on sale

Battery Terminals

Heavy duty, solderless, marine grade brass battery terminals. Five options available.
$11.90 pair
PowerAll-Supreme-Portable-Power-Bank-Jumpstarter on sale

PowerAll Supreme Portable Power Bank & Jumpstarter

16000mAh, 12V 600Amp jumpstart. Suitable for up to 6L petrol and 4L diesel vehicles. Can charge a standard smartphone up to 8 times. (PBJS16000-RS)
30% off, Save $100.00
$199.00 each
Gear-Up-Comfort-Sheepskin-Seat-Covers on sale

Gear Up Comfort Sheepskin Seat Covers

Size 30. Grey. (GUSSCOPR30ACHA) Black. (GUSSCOPR30ABLK) Side Airbag Comaptible.
40% off, Save $160.00
$238.00 pair


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