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Automotive Parts & Accessories on sale in Auckland

NEW-1224VDC-3G-GPSGSM-Vehicle-Tracker on sale

NEW 12/24VDC 3G GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker

Area and speed alert. • 5-10m location accuracy • 90(L) x 53(W) x 20(D)mm Locate & track the whereabouts of a person, belongings or vehicle, in real time via the Internet on a computer or Smartphone. Built-in movement sensor to con... LA9026
NEW-Bluetooth-In-Car-Earpiece-with-USB-Charger on sale

NEW Bluetooth® In-Car Earpiece with USB Charger

TINY & SMART hands free communication. • Magnetic charging dock - no cables! • Cigarette lighter adaptor • USB 2.1A and 1A charging ports • 23(W) x 26(H) x 27(D)mm (earpiece) AR3135
NEW-12V-400A-Compact-Jump-Starter-and-Powerbank on sale

NEW 12V 400A Compact Jump Starter and Powerbank

Ultra-portable and lightweight. Capable of jump starting 12V flat batteries in cars, motorcycles, boats etc. 5V/2A USB port. LED torch. In-car charger included. 135mm long. • High Capacity Lithium Battery • Includes 230mm USB to 30-pin / Mi... MB3753
NEW-12V-AGM-Deep-Cycle-Batteries on sale

NEW 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Quality batteries for deep cycle applications. The absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure of the plates reinforces the lead frame of each plate, and stops the plates from buckling under heavy discharge current. • 75AH: 260(L) x 168(W) x... SB1680
75AH SB-1680
100AH SB-1682
NEW-4-Way-USB-Powerboard on sale

NEW 4 Way USB Powerboard

Up to 2,000mA total charging current can be shared between the 4 ports. Features a LED indicator, over current and short circuit protection. Includes a mains power adaptor. MS4067
12VDC-Festoon-LED-Globes-Canbus-Compatible on sale

12VDC Festoon LED Globes Canbus Compatible

A range of 150 lumens ultra-bright white LED replacement “festoon” globes for car interior lights. Fully compatible with modern “CANBus” systems. 120º wide beam. • 31mm ZD-0750 • 36mm ZD-0752 • 41mm ZD-0754 ZD0750
$17.90 each
12V-LED-Trailer-Lights-Kit on sale

12V LED Trailer Lights Kit

LEDs last over 50,000 hours, use a fraction of the power, and are more visible to other road users. Sold as a pair. Kit includes 2x trailer lights, with a pre-made 7m trailer cable with 7pin flat trailer connector. • ADR Approved • Screw st... ZD0722
4WD-Light-Bundle on sale

4WD Light Bundle

Bundle deal includes: • 2 x 6,300 Lumens 6.5" Solid LED driving lights SL-3920 • 1 x wire stripper TH-1824 • 1 x universal relay wiring kit SY-4180 Note: off-road use only SL3920
Save over $35.00
Bundle $499.00
Valued at $534.80
2 x 6,300 Lumens SL-3920
1 x Wire Stripper TH-1824
1 x Universal Relay Wiring Kit SY-4180
Fused-Cigarette-Lighter-Plug-to-DC-Plug on sale

Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug to DC Plug

Internal fuse and LED power indicator. Supplied with 5A, 3AG fuse • Cable lenght 1.5m • Nerd Perks • 2x Points • 2.5mm PP-1997 • 2.1mm PP-2008 PP1997
$5.90 each
4-Way-Power-Splitter-with-USB on sale

4-Way Power Splitter with USB

Power up to four 12VDC plug appliances at once (max 10A). USB socket (max 1A). • Nerd Perks • 2x Points PS2019
1224VDC-USB-Charger-Wiring-Kit on sale

12/24VDC USB Charger Wiring Kit

Weatherproof cover, suitable for mounting on motorbikes, under-dash on boats or open-top cars. Outputs 5VDC to power or charge Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, etc. Supplied with 1.2m fused lead with SAE connectors for easy disconnects. • Nerd Perks... PS2017
1224VDC-Dual-Port-USB-Charger on sale

12/24VDC Dual Port USB Charger

Charge your USB devices in your vehicle. Supplied with mounting hardware. 1.0A + 2.1A USB ports, 3.1A max. output. • Nerd Perks • 2x Points MP3616


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