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UHF-Antennas on sale

UHF Antennas

Robust and durable. Suitable for cars, RVs and trucks. • 4dBi Flexible DC... DC3073
4dBi Flexible DC3073
5dBi Fibreglass DC3078
3dBi & 6dBi Premium DC3071
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UHF-Antenna-Base on sale

UHF Antenna Base

Constructed from UV stable polypropylene and a 5/16", 25TPI plated brass bo... DC3062
8-Channel-Wireless-Light-Controller-for-Vehicles on sale

8-Channel Wireless Light Controller for Vehicles

Nerd Perks Club Offer MS6210
Reg $119.00
Save $40.00
Nerd Perks Club Price, Just $79.00
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Basic-Car-Alarm-System on sale

Basic Car Alarm System

Nerd Perks Club Offer LA9003
Reg $159.00
Save $40.00
Nerd Perks Club Price, Only $119.00
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60W-Car-Power-Adaptor on sale

60W Car Power Adaptor

Nerd Perks Club Offer Selectable voltage: 5, 6, 9 & 12VDC. MP3478
15% off, reg $47.90
Nerd Perks Club Price $39.90
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ANL-In-Line-Fuse-Holder on sale

ANL In-Line Fuse Holder

Nerd Perks Club Offer Nickel plated, suitable for high end car audio instal... SZ2078
35% off, reg $19.90
Nerd Perks Club Price $12.90
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3.5-Heads-Up-Display-with-GPS on sale

3.5" Heads Up Display with GPS

Keep an eye on your speed without diverting your eyes from the road! Vehicle spe... LA9032
Gear-Up-Opulence-Sheepskin-Seat-Covers on sale

Gear Up Opulence Sheepskin Seat Covers

Available in Grey or Black (GUSSOPPR30A_)
Save $119.00
$279.00 pair
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Mechpro-Steel-Loading-Ramp on sale

Mechpro Steel Loading Ramp

1.8 metre long fixed length. 227kg capacity per ramp. (MPSLR) A1218871
Save $60.00
$110.00 set
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Tri-Folding-Aluminium-Loading-Ramp on sale

Tri-Folding Aluminium Loading Ramp

273kg capacity per ramp. 203cm long unfolded. Two ramps pictured, sold indi... A1218874
Save $73.00
$169.00 each
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