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Computer Accessories on sale in Auckland

NEW-USB-3.0-External-SATA-HDD-Docking-Station on sale

NEW USB 3.0 External SATA HDD Docking Station

Allows you to connect a SATA 3.5 or 2.5” hard drive into a USB port of your computer. Plug and play compatible method to access any compatible hard drive. • 138(W) x 78(D) x 65(H)mm XC4698
DuinoTech-Lite-Leonardo on sale

DuinoTech Lite (Leonardo)

Emulates a computer keyboard, mouse, joystick and many other types of input device. • 75(W) x 53(L) x 13(H)mm Nerd Perks, 2x Points XC4430
Computer-Cable on sale

Computer Cable

• Two cables suited for computers etc • All are shielded to stop RFI - 6 Way WB-1575 - 9 Way WB-1578 WB1575
6 Way WB-1575
$2.30 per metre
Or 100m Roll
9 Way WB-1578
$2.70 per metre
Or 100m Roll
IDC-Ribbon-Computer-Cable on sale

IDC Ribbon Computer Cable

Designed for IDC connectors. • Grey in colour with red trace - 16 Way WM-4502 - 26 Way WM-4504 - 50 Way WM-4508 WM4502
16 Way WM-4502
$2.50 per metre
Or 30m Roll
26 Way WM-4504
$3.60 per metre
Or 30m Roll
50 Way WM-4508
$7.30 per metre
Or 30m Roll
Serial-ATA-Cables on sale

Serial ATA Cables

For use with computers and external serial ATA devices. • SATA to SATA Data PL-0978 • HDD power to 2 X HDD PL-0750 • HDD power to 2 X SATA PL-0759 PL-0978
SATA PL-0978
HDD PL-0750
HDD PL-0759
USB-3.0-Dual-SATA-HDD-Docks on sale

USB 3.0 Dual SATA HDD Docks

Easily backup and store gigabytes of data quickly. Suits 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD's (not included). USB 3.0 cable and power supply included. HDD not included. 1 year warranty. XC4697
SATA-to-USB-3.0-Adaptor on sale

SATA to USB 3.0 Adaptor

A simple way to access files temporarily on a SATA hard drive you no longer have installed. Includes USB 3.0 cable and mains adaptor. XC4149
3.5-SATA-HDD-Enclosure-with-USB-3.0 on sale

3.5" SATA HDD Enclosure with USB 3.0

• Plug 'n' Play • Hot swappable • For 3.5" HDDs only (not included) • Supports SATA I/II/III • Supplied with USB 3.0 cable and mains adaptor XC4667
RS-232-DB9M-Converters on sale

RS-232 DB9M Converters

Connect a variety of RS-232 devices to your modern computer with these adaptors. • To USB adaptor XC-4927 • To USB 1.5M XC-4834 XC4927
To USB adaptor XC-4927
To USB 1.5M XC-4834
USB-to-RS-485422-Converter on sale

USB to RS-485/422 Converter

Wire up an RS-485/422 device to the 4 socket terminal block to give your hardware USB connectivity. Surge protected. Suitable for industrial, military, marine, science and custom built applications. • 610mm USB A Male to Male cable included XC4132
Universal-CPU-Cooler-with-PWM-Fan on sale

Universal CPU Cooler with PWM Fan

Limited stock. Not available online. Contact store for stock availability. YX2588
Was $34.90
Save $10.00
Now $24.90
16GB-OTG-USB-Flash-Drive on sale

16GB OTG USB Flash Drive

Quick backup for your smartphone or tablet. Limited stock. Not available online. Contact store for stock availability. XC5622
Was $27.90
Save $6.00
Now $21.90


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