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Wi-Fi-Signal-Meter on sale

Wi-Fi Signal Meter

Nerd Perks Club Offer Build this handy little meter to see what Wi-Fi netw... XC4384
30% off
Nerd Perks Club Price, Buy all for $44.90
Valued at $66.90
Monochrome OLED Display Module XC4384
Wi-Fi Mini ESP8266 Main Board XC3802
2 x AA Battery Enclosure PH9280
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Compact-Ethernet-Switches on sale

Compact Ethernet Switches

Easily create or expand your wired network. 8 port. Plug and Play. • 10/1... YN8380
10/100MBPS YN8380
10/100/1000MBPS YN8382
ASUS XGU2008 YN8430
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Network-Cable-Tester-with-PoE-Finder on sale

Network Cable Tester with PoE Finder

Detect missing or disordered wiring, and open or short circuits. The PoE (Power-... XC5084
Also Available: Modular Crimp Tool TH1939
Network Cable Tester & Digital Multimeter XC5078
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N300-Wireless-Router on sale

N300 Wireless Router

300Mbps wireless connectivity, as well as four wired ethernet ports. Dual antenn... YN8390
Only $56.90
Also Available: AC1200 Dual Band YN8392
TP-Link AC1750 Dual Band YN8438
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NBN-Ready-Wireless-Modem-Router on sale

NBN Ready Wireless Modem Router

Connect to the Internet via superfast DSL or fibre using the VDSL2/ ADSL2+ modem... YN8345
Was $149.00
Save $10.00
Now $139.00
Also Available: TP-Link AC1200 YN8440
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Dual-Band-Wireless-Network-Adaptors on sale

Dual Band Wireless Network Adaptors

Boost Your Connectivity. Fast and stable access to just about any Wi-Fi sig... YN8334
AC600 YN8334
AC1300 YN8336
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TP-Link-Deco-AC1300-Mesh-Whole-Home-Wi-Fi-System on sale

TP-Link Deco AC1300 Mesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

Fast Wi-Fi to Every Corner of Your Home. Ideal for Large Homes. The TP... YN8444
Was $459.00
Save $30.00
Now $429.00
Also Available: ASUS Lyra Tri-Band AC2200 YN8432
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Wi-Fi-Range-Extenders on sale

Wi-Fi Range Extenders

Ideal for Apartments. Quickly eliminate dead-spots or provide an access poi... YN8370
N300 YN8370
AC1200 YN8372
AC1900 ASUS RP-AC68U YN8428
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Wireless-Networking-Antennas on sale

Wireless Networking Antennas

Improve the Range of Your Wireless Network. These antennas are specificall... AR3273
5dBi 195mm AR3273
11dBi 380mm AR3277
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Powerline-Ethernet-Extender on sale

Powerline Ethernet Extender

Use your existing mains power to extend your network connection up to 300m away.... YN8355
Was $139.00
Save $20.00
Now $119.00
Also Available: Wi-Fi Powerline Adaptor Kit YN8357, was $169.00
Save $20.00
Now $149.00
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TP-Link-Wi-Fi-Plug on sale

TP-Link Wi-Fi Plug

Never Worry Again. This Smart plug allows you to easily manage your electr... YN8446
Only $69.90