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Tools & Accessories on sale in Auckland

Autoranging-Digital-Multimeter on sale

Autoranging Digital Multimeter

Measure AC and DC (600V) and current (10A). Professional grade. Non-contact voltage detection, duty cycle and temperature. Includes temp probe, test leads and case. QM1323
Wireless-Doorbell on sale

Wireless Doorbell

Compact receiver plugs into power point. 32 melodies. Up to 100m range. LA5029
High-Volume-Flashing-Wireless-Doorbell on sale

High Volume & Flashing Wireless Doorbell

Rings with loud sound and strobe light. Ideal for the hearing impaired. 30m range. 7 melodies. Battery operated. LA5002
Wireless-Intercom on sale

Wireless Intercom

Built-in monitor function. Transmits through house wiring. Sold as a pair. AI5500
Was $89.90
Save $5.00
$84.90 pair
Door-Entry-Alert on sale

Door Entry Alert

Alerts your when someone enters your premises. Effective range up to 6 metres. • Counter to suit. LA-5197 • Buzzer to suit. LA-5188 LA5193
Counter to Suit LA-5197
Buzzer to Suit LA-5188
Digital-TV-Antenna-with-Amplifier on sale

Digital TV Antenna with Amplifier

Clear signal technology, capable of picking up UHF/ VHF and DAB+ radio signals. Flat panel design to complement your TV setup with adjustable antenna. LT3156
2-Way-Indoor-Splitter on sale

2 Way Indoor Splitter

Connect two TV, video, games, FM receivers etc to one RF plug to run multiple devices on one outlet. LT3020
TV-Flyleads on sale

TV Flyleads

RG-59 coaxial. Plug to plug. Double shielded. • 1.5M. WV-7350 • 3.0M. WV-7351 • 5.0M. WV-7352 • 10M. WV-7354 WV7350
1.5M WV-7350
3.0M WV-7351
5.0M WV-7352
10M WV-7354
Heavy-Duty-Crimper-Stripper-Cutter on sale

Heavy Duty Crimper, Stripper & Cutter

Strip all types of cable from AWG 10-24 gauge (0.13 -6.0mm). TH1827
OLED-Stick-Module on sale

OLED Stick Module

Was $19.90
Save $5.00
Now $14.90
Gaming-Console-Tool-Kit on sale

Gaming Console Tool Kit

• Tools for nearly every console and handheld on the market today - WII, X-Box, Playstation etc. TD2109
2-in-1-Network-Cable-Tester-and-Digital-Multimeter on sale

2 in 1 Network Cable Tester and Digital Multimeter

• Remote terminator included • 600V, 2000 count • AC/DC voltages up to 600V • AC/DC current up to 200mA • Test leads and carry case included • 162(L) x 74.5(W) x 44(D)mm XC5078


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