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RGB-8x8-LED-Matrix on sale

RGB 8x8 LED Matrix

Full RGB 8x8 Matrix controlled through 32 pins (8 + 8 x 3). Flush edges for crea... ZD1810
Narva-LED-Flood-Light on sale

Narva LED Flood Light

From 2 to 8.5 hours of use, from 250LM to 1000LM (71345) From 2 to 8 hour...
From 250LM to 1000LM
$159.00 each
From 400LM to 1800LM
$189.00 each
Optional Telescopic Stand
$49.99 each
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Big-Red-Single-Row-LED-Light-Bar on sale

Big Red Single Row LED Light Bar

Length12”, LED 9 x 3W, 2000LM (BR9110) Length 20”, LED 8 x 3W,4200LM...
Length12”, LED 9 x 3W, 2000LM
$99.00 each
Length 20”, LED 8 x 3W,4200LM
$199.00 each
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Big-Red-Double-Row-LED-Light-Bar on sale

Big Red Double Row LED Light Bar

Length 24", 9800LM, 42 x 3 Watt 'CREE' (BR9220) A1271507
Save $99.00
$249.00 each
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Narva-9-36V-4x4-High-Powered-LED-Work-Lamps on sale

Narva 9-36V 4x4 High-Powered LED Work Lamps

15W LED Work Lamp 5 x 3W. (72358) 20W LED Work Lamp 4 x 5W. (72360) ...
15W LED Work Lamp 5 x 3W
$69.00 each
20W LED Work Lamp 4 x 5W
$79.00 each
20W LED Work Lamp 2 x 10W
$89.00 each
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MaxiLite-Work-Lamps on sale

MaxiLite Work Lamps

10-30V LED Square Work Lamp. (MX900) 10-30V LED Round Work Lamp. (MX902...
Hot Price
$35.99 each
NEW-Maxi-Trac-LED-Work-Lights on sale

NEW Maxi Trac LED Work Lights

4 LED, 12W Square (MTWL4SQS3) 5 LED, 18W Square (MTWL5SQS3) 6 LED...
4 LED, 12W Square
$39.99 each
5 LED, 18W Square
$49.99 each
6 LED, 18W Round
$49.99 each
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Narva-LED-Work-Lights on sale

Narva LED Work Lights

*RRP (724_) (72429) (72451) (72446) (72446W) (72449) (72453)
20% off*
From $65.00 each
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Narva-9-32V-LED-Light-Bar on sale

Narva 9-32V LED Light Bar

30% brighter than conventional LED Light Bars. 350mm. 2400 Lumens. (72272) ...
LED Light Bars
$159.00 each
Fitting Bracket
$49.00 each
12V Driving Light Harness
$79.00 each
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Gear-Up-LED-Beacon-Warning-Lights on sale

Gear Up LED Beacon Warning Lights

Hot Price
$19.99 each
Narva-Ultima-LED-Conversion-Kit on sale

Narva Ultima LED Conversion Kit

For off-road use only. (180_)
Hot Price
From $165.00 each
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