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Dettol-Floor-Cleaning-System on sale

Dettol Floor Cleaning System

• Perfect for everyday cleaning and touch-up jobs • Pack includes 1×... 2467577
Complete Kit
$25.21 Kit excl. GST
Refill Wipes
$6.95 Pack/15 excl. GST
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Dettol-Foaming-Hand-Wash on sale

Dettol Foaming Hand Wash

• Rose & cherry fragrance 2467593 250ml 2467607 500ml Introdu... 2467593
$3.73 Each excl. GST
$4.87 Each excl. GST
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OfficeMax-White-Sugar on sale

OfficeMax White Sugar

• 2kg 2669730
$4.60 Bag excl. GST
OfficeMax-Dish-Liquid on sale

OfficeMax Dish Liquid

• 1L 2012510
$3.82 Each excl. GST
Griffins-Biscuits on sale

Griffin’s Biscuits

2259648 Cameo Cremes, 250gm 2230682 Squiggles Hokey Pokey, 215gm 2304473 Toff... 2259648
Cameo Cremes, 250gm
$3.73 Pack excl. GST
Squiggles Hokey Pokey, 215gm
$4.34 Pack excl. GST
Toffee Pops, 200gm
$4.34 Pack excl. GST
Gingernuts, 250gm
$3.12 Pack excl. GST
Shortbread, 200gm
$3.47 Pack excl. GST
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Thetford-Aqua-Kem-Toilet-Sachets on sale

Thetford Aqua Kem Toilet Sachets

• Contains 12 water soluble sachets • 1 Sachet lasts up to 5 days in holdin...
15% off, Save $7.00
$29.99 pack
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Wilcox-Perlas-Potatoes-1.5kg on sale

Wilcox Perlas Potatoes 1.5kg

Fresh From NZ. 314400
$5.00 each
Value-Hot-Roast-Chicken on sale

Value Hot Roast Chicken

Size 14. Excludes Macro.
$9.50 each
Bananas-6-Pack on sale

Bananas 6 Pack

Product of Mexico.
$2.00 pack