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Home Entertainment on sale in Auckland

Virtual-Reality-Goggles on sale

Virtual Reality Goggles

Step into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) with these VR goggles. Experience VR games, panoramic videos and 3D movies. Augmented reality capable. Supports Smartphones up to 80 x 150mm. GT3722
NEW-Mini-Projector-with-HDMI on sale

NEW Mini Projector with HDMI

Connect a gaming console or play movies from your hard drive using the media player. HDMI/ COMPOSITE/VGA or SD card inputs. 800 x 480 resolution. Up to 3m projection distance. 50 ANSI lumens. Remote included. 208mm long. AP4003
Compact-Radio on sale

Compact Radio

FM/MW/SW(1-8), clock & alarm. Requires 3 x AAA batteries. 110mm long. AR1736
High-Quality-HDMI-Leads on sale

High Quality HDMI Leads

HDMI 2.0 with Ethernet. 24K gold plated connectors, and oxygen-free heavy duty copper cables. • 0.5M WQ-7906 • 1.5M WQ-7900 • 3.0M WQ-7902 • 5.0M WQ-7904 • 10M WQ-7905 WQ7906
0.5M WQ-7906
1.5M WQ-7900
3.0M WQ-7902
5.0M WQ-7904
10M WQ-7905
4K-UHD-HDMI-Switchers on sale

4K UHD HDMI Switchers

Switch HDMI signals from multiple sources to a single output. Suitable for home theatre or consoles. • 3 Input to single output AC-1705 • 5 Input to single output AC-1706 AC1705
3 Input AC-1705
5 Input AC-1706
4K-UHD-HDMI-Splitters on sale

4K UHD HDMI Splitters

Converts HDMI input signal into identical outputs simultaneously. Supports 4KUHD, 3D video, Dolby-AC3, DSD audio and more. Power supply included. • 2 Port 2 outputs AC-1710 • 4 Port 4 outputs AC-1712 AC1710
2 Port AC-1710
4 Port AC-1712
Wireless-AV-Sender-and-Receiver on sale

Wireless AV Sender and Receiver

Watch pay TV in another room. This wireless AV sender and receiver transmits audio/video signals from your PayTV box, DVD or media player around the home or office without running cables. Uses 5.8GHz technology to avoid interference. Built-in wi... AR1913
Was $129.00
Save $20.00
Spare Receiver AR-1916
Also available: Wireless 5.8GHz 1080P AR-1915
HDMI-Extenders-CAT5E6 on sale

HDMI Extenders CAT5E/6

Extend your HDMI signal using Cat5e/6 cable up to 100m*. Use your remote in either location with the built-in infrared transmitter. • 30M* With 2 x CAT5E/6. AC-1730 • 50M* With 1 x CAT5E/6. AC-1732 *Depending on cable used & resolu... AR1730
30M* AC-1730
50M* AC-1732
HDMI-Converter on sale

HDMI Converter

Connect a newer HDMI source like a laptop or Blu-ray player to older TVs, monitors and projectors equipped with RCA composite and stereo audio. AC1720
TV-Mounting-Brackets on sale

TV Mounting Brackets

We have a HUGE range of high quality brackets to suit virtually all TV screens at affordable prices . Before you're talked into an expensive bracket add-on purchase to that new TV, take a look at our range. Wall mount: • 23"-37"... CW2866
Wall Mount: 23"-37" 37KG CW-2866
23"-55" 20KG CW-2864
42"-80" 30KG CW-2865
42"-80" 60KG CW-2867
23"-55" 30KG CW-2868
32"-70" 35KG CW-2869
Ceiling Mount: 37"-70" 80KG CW-2859
Universal-TV-Remotes on sale

Universal TV Remotes

Simple, easy to use. Operates major brand TVs. Cheaper than buying an original. • Single Remote AR-1955 • 8-in-1 Remote AR-1954 AR1955
Single Remote AR-1955
8-in-1 Remote AR-1954
Switched-Powerboards on sale

Switched Powerboards

Overload and surge protected. • 4 Way MS-4061 • 6 Way MS-4063 MS4061
4 Way MS-4061
6 Way MS-4063


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