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Home Entertainment on sale in Auckland

20-off-TVs-Electronics on sale

20% off TVs & Electronics

Excludes Whiteware, Fitbit, Non-ranged & Clearance Items. Offers available from Friday 28th April until Tuesday 2nd May 2017 (Offer Period), unless otherwise stated and while stocks last. Discounts are off the Regular Retail Price and may re...
NEW-VGA-to-HDMI-Converter-Upscaler on sale

NEW VGA to HDMI Converter & Upscaler

Ideal for devices with a VGA output (i.e older laptops) to display on a HDMI device. Also converts analogue audio source into HDMI digital stream. • Plug and play • HDMI upscaling up to 1080p • Analogue audio encoding • Power: 5VDC, 5... AC1718
HDMI-Audio-Extractor on sale

HDMI Audio Extractor

Extract audio from HDMI and output to a 3.5mm socket or S/PDIF for connection to a set of speakers, home theatre audio system or amplifier. • Input: 1 x HDMI • Output:1 x HDMI, 1 x 3.5mm audio socket, 1 x S/PDIF socket • HDCP support ... AC1741
Was $109.00
Save $15.00
Now $94.00
HDMI-Upscalers on sale

HDMI Upscalers

Upscale your analogue VGA or composite AV input to 4K UHD resolution. • 93(D) x 84(W) x 28(H)mm • VGA & RCA Audio to HDMI AC-1774 - Inputs: 1 x VGA, 1 x Earphone, 1 x mini USB - Output: 1 x HDMI • Composite Audio Video to H... AC1774
Was $199.00
Save $50.00
Now $149.00 each
4K-HDMI-to-VGA-and-Stereo-Audio-Converter on sale

4K HDMI to VGA and Stereo Audio Converter

Convert digital 4K UHD HDMI video and audio signal from your Blu-ray player or computer to standard VGA and RCA stereo audio signal for connection with your older style CRT/LED/LED monitors or projectors. • Multiple output resolution setting i... AC1770
Was $169.00
Save $30.00
Now $139.00
Wireless-2.4GHz-Digital-Audio-Sender on sale

Wireless 2.4GHz Digital Audio Sender

Uses a 34 channel frequency hopping transmission so you get seamless crystal clear audio. • Up to 30m range • Includes two audio cables AA2102
Was $129.00
Save $10.00
Now $119.00
Paper-Cone-Woofers on sale

Paper Cone Woofers

Excellent for replacement or for new speaker design constructions. • 8” 90WRMS CW-2196 • 10” 225WRMS CW-2198 • 12” 225WRMS CW-2199 CW2196
8” 90WRMS CW-2196
10” 225WRMS CW-2198
12” 225WRMS CW-2199
UHFVHF-Digital-TV-Masthead-Amplifier on sale

UHF/VHF Digital TV Masthead Amplifier

26dB masthead amplifier suitable for digital, analogue, or HDTV reception. • UHF gain: 26dB • VHF gain: 18dB • 125(W) x 102(H) x 45(D)mm LT3275
Digimatch-VHFUHFHDTV-Masthead-Amplifier on sale

Digimatch VHF/UHF/HDTV Masthead Amplifier

Ideal for digital, analogue or HDTV reception. • Adjustable interstage gain on UHF & VHF • AC power adaptor with F-type connection • 112(W) x 108(H) x 35(D)mm LT3270
4-Output-TV-Signal-Booster on sale

4 Output TV Signal Booster

Supports all analogue and digital TV signals. 4 outputs to boost the antenna signal. Includes AC power injector. • UHF gain: 16dB, VHF gain: 12dBB • 105(W) x 90(H) X 35(D)mm LT3253
F-Connectors-Die-Cast-TV-Splitters on sale

F Connectors - Die Cast TV Splitters

Sealed and in a metal case with mounting bracket. Suitable from 5-900MHz, VHF, UHF TV and FM radio. • 2 Way LT-3044 • 4 Way LT-3045 LT3044
2 Way LT-3044
4 Way LT-3045
Indoor-AmplifiersSplitters on sale

Indoor Amplifiers/Splitters

Split and amplify UHF, VHF or FM signals to 4 or 2 other units with these handy amplifier splitters. Features high gain and low noise to ensure the signal is of a high quality. • Mains adaptor included • 2 Way LT-3282 • 4 Way LT-3284 LT3282
2 Way LT-3282
4 Way LT-3284


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