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DIY-Game-Console-Build-A-Game-Learning-Kit on sale

DIY Game Console Build-A-Game Learning Kit

An Arduino-based 8-bit handheld game console that you can code or upload your fa... XC3752
Only $69.90
Sold Separately: 2 x AA batteries SB2424
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Response-Paper-Cone-Woofers on sale

Response Paper Cone Woofers

Excellent for replacement or for new speaker design construction. Produces clean... CW2190
4” 27WRMS CW2190
5” 50WRMS CW2192
6.5” 60WRMS CW2194
8" 90WRMS CW2196
10" 225WRMS CW2198
12" 225WRMS CW2199
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Kingray-Amplifier-Masthead-35DB on sale

Kingray Amplifier Masthead 35DB

Provides a good VHF & UHF TV band gain, and user selectable filters for VHF ... LT3251
Just $149.00
Kingray-Foxtel-Approved-Splitters on sale

Kingray Foxtel® Approved Splitters

Excellent RF screening to reduce interference. • 1 x F-type input to 2 or... LT3069
2-Way LT3069
4-Way LT3071
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Single-Power-Pass-Splitters on sale

Single Power Pass Splitters

These have power pass on the input to one output. These allow the voltage on one... LT3046
2-Way LT3046
4-Way LT3047
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2-Way-Indoor-AmplifierSplitter on sale

2-Way Indoor Amplifier/Splitter

Split and amplify your UHF, VHF or FM signals. Features high gain and low noise ... LT3282
Just $34.90
Indoor-TV-AmplifierSplitters on sale

Indoor TV Amplifier/Splitters

A neat solution to boost your TV antenna signals. • Single LT3285 (Shown)... LT3285
Single LT3285
4-Way LT3287
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Digital-TV-Signal-Strength-Meter on sale

Digital TV Signal Strength Meter

Easy to read pocket sized DVB-T meter. Correctly adjust the angle of your digita... LT3332
Just $49.90
Sold Separately: 9V battery SB2423
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TV-Coax-Cable on sale

TV Coax Cable

Great for domestic TV & Pay TV installations! 75 ohm RG6 quad shield in a ha... WB2014
Just $58.90
Retro-NES-Style-Controller on sale

Retro NES Style Controller

SNES layout. Features A/B/X/Y buttons, start, select, and direction controls. Ea... XC4404
Just $10.90