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The-Year-Of-The-Locust on sale

The Year Of The Locust

Terry Hayes. Kane is a deep cover special agent working for the CIA when he... 6844656
The-Secret on sale

The Secret

Lee Child. 1992. Eight upstanding people have been found dead across the US... 6795747
The-Edge on sale

The Edge

David Baldacci. Travis Devine has retired from the Army’s special ops... 6855405
Resurrection-Walk on sale

Resurrection Walk

Michael Connelly. Mickey Haller agrees to represent a woman in prison for k... 6855543
Deadly-Game on sale

Deadly Game

Michael Caine. An explosive thriller from Hollywood legend Sir Michael Cain... 6864411
Unnatural-Death on sale

Unnatural Death

Patricia Cornwell. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta examines the re... 6855375
His-Favourite-Graves on sale

His Favourite Graves

Paul Cleave. Sheriff Cohen’s life is falling apart when the abduction... 6855348
The-Seven on sale

The Seven

Chris Hammer. A body washes up in an irrigation canal in Yuwonderie, a man-... 6848055
Scrublands on sale


Chris Hammer. Read it before you see it! Coming soon to the small screen. I... 6862179
Geneva on sale


Richard Armitage. A Nobel Prize winning scientist with the initial onset of... 6848106
The-Mystery-Guest on sale

The Mystery Guest

Nita Prose. Molly Gray is the proud Head Maid at the Regency Grand Hotel. W... 6861681
Command-and-Control on sale

Command and Control

Tom Clancy & Marc Cameron. President Jack Ryan and his secret service t... 6855378