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TVs on sale in Auckland

20-off-TVs-Electronics on sale

20% off TVs & Electronics

Farmers Club Exclusive Excludes Whiteware, Fitbit, Non-ranged & Clearance Items. Offers available from Wednesday 15th – Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (Offer Period), unless otherwise stated. Farmers Club exclusive offers are availabl...
UHD-4K-HDMI-Switchers-with-Remote-Control on sale

UHD 4K HDMI Switchers with Remote Control

Switch HDMI signals from multiple sources to a single output. For home theatre or gaming console setups. HDMI 1.4. • 3 Input. AC-1705 • 5 Input. AC-1706 AC1705
3 Input AC-1705
5 Input AC-1706
Digital-TV-Antenna-with-Amplifier on sale

Digital TV Antenna with Amplifier

Clear signal technology, capable of picking up UHF/ VHF and DAB+ radio signals. Flat panel design to complement your TV setup with adjustable antenna. LT3156
TV-Signal-Booster on sale

TV Signal Booster

Supports all analogue and digital TV signals. 2 inputs to boost the antenna signal. Includes power supply. • 24DB. LT-3254 • 32DB. LT-3255 LT3254
24DB LT-3254, was $89.90
Save $30.00
Now $59.90
32DB LT-3255, was $99.90
Save $25.00
Now $74.90
UHF-Phased-Array-TV-Antenna on sale

UHF Phased Array TV Antenna

Ideal for regional/fringe areas where ghosting is a problem or not in direct line of sight of the transmitter. Wideband for analogue or digital TV. 840mm long. • LTE filter LT3138
TV-Mounting-Brackets on sale

TV Mounting Brackets

We have a HUGE range of high quality brackets to suit virtually all TV screens at affordable prices . Before you're talked into an expensive bracket add-on purchase to that new TV, take a look at our range. Wall mount: • 23"-37&q... CW2866
Wall Mount: 23-37" 37KG CW-2866
23"-55" 20KG CW-2864
42"-80" 30KG CW-2865
42"-80" 60KG CW-2867
23-55" 30KG CW-2868
32"-70" 35KG CW-2869
Ceiling Mount: 37"-70" 80KG CW-2859
NEW-Swing-Arm-LCD-Wall-Bracket-with-Two-Slide-in-Locking-Plates on sale

NEW Swing Arm LCD Wall Bracket with Two Slide-in Locking Plates

Adjustable, tilt & swivel for best possible viewing angle. A second wall mount is supplied to easily relocate TV from inside to outside of your caravan. CW2878
Universal-TV-Remotes on sale

Universal TV Remotes

Replace your old remote or have a back-up! Much cheaper than buying an original. AAA batteries required. • Single remote simple and easy to use. Operates on major brand TVs. Helpline available. AR-1955 • 6-in-1 advanced infrared code learni... AR1955
Single Remote AR-1955
6-in-1 Advanced AR-1719
8-in-1 Remote AR-1954
30m-Antenna-Cable on sale

30m Antenna Cable

Belden RG6 Coax. Quality USA made. Maintains extremely high signal purity. AUSTAR/FOXTEL approved. WB2014
TV-Signal-Strength-Meter on sale

TV Signal Strength Meter

Easy to read pocket sized DVB-T meter. Correctly adjust the angle of your digital TV antenna. Adaptors included. LT3332
4GLTE-Filter on sale

4G/LTE Filter

Blocks unwanted signals giving you clear uninterrupted TV reception. LT3062


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