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Home Improvement on sale in Auckland

Alarm-NBN-System-Backup-Battery on sale

Alarm & NBN System Backup Battery

Avoid being left unsecure or without internet and comms in case of power outage. Check and replace at regular intervals. 12V 7.2 amp hour. More batteries available in store or online. SB2486
Single-Row-2250-Lumen-Floodlight on sale

Single Row 2,250 Lumen Floodlight

Equivalent to 175W halogen. Only 140mm long. Sold individually. SL3975
$109.00 each
300pc-QC-Crimp-Connector-Pack on sale

300pc QC Crimp Connector Pack

Includes bullet, ring, fork, spade and joiners in various sizes and colours. PT4536
12VDC-Fixed-Solar-Panels on sale

12VDC Fixed Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels. 25 year limited warranty^ to protect your investment. 80W and above include waterproof junction box. • 20W ZM-9094 • 40W ZM-9095 • 120W ZM-9085 • 145W ZM-9087 ZM9094
20W ZM-9094
40W ZM-9095
120W ZM-9085
145W ZM-9087
12VDC-Semi-Flexible-Solar-Panels on sale

12VDC Semi Flexible Solar Panels

Ideal for mounting to curved or other irregular surfaces such as an RV roof or boat. • 15W ZM-9149 • 30W ZM-9151 • 80W ZM-9153 ZM9149
15W ZM-9149
30W ZM-9151
80W ZM-9153
Anderson-50A-Power-Connectors on sale

Anderson 50A Power Connectors

8, 12-10 & 6AWG with contacts. PT4425
12V-Car-Power-Extender on sale

12V Car Power Extender

Plugs into cigarette power socket to provide two cigarette power sockets and two USB power sockets. Sits neatly in cupholder. 5VDC 1.0A + 0.5A (1.5A total) USB outputs. PS2120
Dash-Mount-Dual-USB-Charger on sale

Dash Mount Dual USB Charger

Supplied with brackets to mount in or under the dash. 35mm dia. 2 x USB. 4.2A (Combined) PS2028
Wireless-Indoor-Outdoor-Thermometer on sale

Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Thermometer

One digital display for both indoor and outdoor temperature. The outdoor sensor is wireless so it can be placed anywhere up to 100m away. XC0321
Metal-Detectors on sale

Metal Detectors

Ideal for beachcombing and prospecting as well as finding metal objects in obscure locations such as long grass. • BASIC. Analogue meter. QP-2302 • PRO. Large LCD, higher accuracy. QP-2307 QP2302
Basic QP-2302
Pro QP-2307
Mains-to-Cigarette-Lighter-Socket on sale

Mains to Cigarette Lighter Socket

For powering 12V equipment such as car coolers and camping fridges from a mains AC power source. • 7.5A MP-3575 • 12.5A MP-3573 MP3575
7.5A MP-3575
12.5A MP-3573
Bright-12V-LED-Striplights-with-Switch on sale

Bright 12V LED Striplights with Switch

Great for use in your home, caravan, boat and 4WD. Quick and easy installation. • 280 Lumen 313mm Long. ST-3930 • 520 Lumen 513mm Long. ST-3932 ST3930
280 Lumen ST-3930
520 Lumen ST-3932


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