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Response-Kevlar-Coaxial-Car-Speakers on sale

Response Kevlar Coaxial Car Speakers

Provides clean, crisp, natural and smooth balance sound. All models are paired w... CS2400
4" 40WRMS CS2400, was $99.90
Save $20.00
Now $79.90
5" 50WRMS CS2401, was $139.00
Save $20.00
Now $119.00
6.5" 75WRMS CS2402, was $159.00
Save $20.00
Now $139.00
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Compact-Sound-Level-Meter on sale

Compact Sound Level Meter

Great for car audio installers, clubs and PA. • Range: 30 - 130dB • A ... QM1589
Was $159.00
Save $20.00
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Professional-Sound-Level-Meter-with-Calibrator on sale

Professional Sound Level Meter with Calibrator

Ideal for vehicle, traffic, race or any evidence-based noise testing. • D... QM1592
Was $459.00
Save $60.00
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Heavy-Duty-Sound-Barrier-Damping-Material on sale

Heavy Duty Sound Barrier Damping Material

Ideal for any surface that needs to be deadened e.g. car door or floor panels. I... AX3680
Sound-Deadeners on sale

Sound Deadeners

Self-adhesive and easily moulded. Provides acoustic isolation and insulation for... AX3662
Foam Absorber AX3662
Butyl Deadener AX3687
Butyl/foam Combo AX3689
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Sound-Ring-Speaker-Single-Door-Kit on sale

Sound Ring - Speaker Single Door Kit

Optimise sound waves and prevent losses. Foam. 3M adhesive backing. Outer ring a... AX3667
Half Price, was $45.90
Save $23.00
Now $22.90
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In-Car-Entertainment-Bundle on sale

In-Car Entertainment Bundle

Nerd Perks Club Offer • Wireless Infrared Headphones AA2047 • 7" ... AA2047
Save $47.90
Nerds Perks Club Price, Only $149.00
Valued at $196.90
Wireless Infrared Headphones AA2047
7" TFT Colour Monitor QM3752
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NEW-Blade-Fuse-Block-with-Bus-Bar on sale

NEW Blade Fuse Block with Bus Bar

Accepts up to 30A per output with handy fuse-blown indication. Negative bus bar.... SZ2031
6 Way SZ2031
12 Way SZ2032
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NEW-Automotive-DMM on sale

NEW Automotive DMM

Perfect for the workshop as an engine analyser as well as basic DMM. Full dwell ... QM1446
Portasol-Super-Pro-Gas-Soldering-Iron on sale

Portasol® Super Pro Gas Soldering Iron

The Portasol Super Pro is the big brother of all irons in the range. It features... TS1328
Was $189.00
Save $50.00
Now $139.00
Also available: Butane Gas Can 150g NA1020
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1080p-Car-Dash-Camera on sale

1080p Car Dash Camera

Record Road Incidents. Capture important evidence of any mishaps on the ro... QV3845
Was $94.90
Save $15.00
Now $79.90
Also available: 32GB microSD card XC4992
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Jump-Starter-for-the-Glove-Box on sale

Jump Starter for the Glove Box

Ultra-portable, lightweight 12V 400A jump starter and power bank. Capable of jum... MB3753
Was $189.00
Save $70.00
Now $119.00
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