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Jiffy Mail Lite Mailers - FREE JIFFY PADDED SAMPLE...

• Cushioned mailer • Bags come with a wide 40mm self-adhesive flap • Mea...
MLT1, 113×210mm
$55.39 Carton/100 excl. GST
MLT2, 155×225mm
$66.49 Carton/100 excl. GST
MLT3, 212×280mm
$89.99 Carton/100 excl. GST
MLT4, 237×340mm
$56.69 Carton/50 excl. GST
MLT5, 260×380mm
$65.79 Carton/50 excl. GST
MLT6, 305×405mm
$83.39 Carton/50 excl. GST
MLT7, 360×480mm
$99.69 Carton/50 excl. GST
MLT8, 380×560mm
$57.29 Carton/25 excl. GST
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