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Automotive Care & Cleaning on sale in Auckland

Smart-Multi-State-Battery-Chargers on sale

Smart Multi-State Battery Chargers

Intelligent SLA* battery chargers for automotive, marine, motorcycle or workshop use. Multiple modes, in-built protection, safe to leave connected for extended periods. • 3-Stage 6/12VDC 1.5A. MB-3609 • 4-Stage 6/12VDC 4.0A with LCD. MB-361... MB3609
3-Stage MB-3609
4-Stage MB-3611
9-Stage MB-3613
Penrite-Vantage-10W-40-With-BONUS-Repco-Oil-Filter on sale

Penrite Vantage 10W-40 With BONUS Repco Oil Filter

Semi Synthetic, SN/CF, 6L. Oil filter applies to petrol driven passenger vehicles only. (ROF_) Limited store stock only. No rainchecks. Limit 3 per customer. (VANSEMI10W40006)
35% off, Save $21.00
$36.99 each
Gear-Up-Car-Foaming-Spray-Gun on sale

Gear Up Car Foaming Spray Gun

900ml detergent capacity. Accurately mixes & sprays concentrated foaming detergent. Connects simply to a garden hose. Spray gun can be used as a powerful sprayer. 6 Foam ratio settings. 1 Year warranty. (GUCFSG)
Hot Price
$29.99 each
Gear-Up-Plush-Sheepskin-Seat-Covers on sale

Gear Up Plush Sheepskin Seat Covers

Size 30. Grey. (GUSSPLPR30ACHA) Black. (GUSSPLPR30ABLK) Side Airbag Compatible
40% off, Save $180.00
$268.00 pair
Penrite-HPR-10-10W-50 on sale

Penrite HPR 10 10W-50

Full Synthetic, SN/CF, 5L. Limited store stock only. No rainchecks. Limit 3 per customer. (HPR10005)
45% off, Save $38.00
$39.99 each
Chemtech-CT18-Superwash on sale

Chemtech CT18 Superwash

Concentrated multi-purpose cleaning gel suitable for all types of vehicles. 5L. (CT18-5L)
Hot Price
$24.99 each
Ultimate-Wheel-Lock on sale

Ultimate Wheel Lock

Immobilises almost anything with wheels: cars, trucks, trailers & motorcycles. (WL2K53)
Hot Price
$99.00 each
Holts-Tyre-Weld-Emergency-Puncture-Repair on sale

Holts Tyre Weld Emergency Puncture Repair

Seals & repairs punctured tyres instantly. 300ml. (HT2Y) 400ml. (HT3Y) 500ml. (HT4Y) 30% off
300ml, Save $6.00
$13.99 each
400ml, Save $8.00
$15.99 each
500ml, Save $9.00
$19.99 each
Gear-Up-Easy-Set-Up-Gazebo on sale

Gear Up Easy Set-Up Gazebo

3m x 3m, 2.8m high at centre. Sturdy steel frame. Carry case has wheels for easy movement. (FGA-3x3)
40% off, Save $80.00
$119.00 each
Slime-5-150-PSI-Digital-Tyre-Gauge on sale

Slime 5-150 PSI Digital Tyre Gauge

Light up display & tip. (20017)
30% off, Save $13.00
$27.99 each
PowerAll-Element-Portable-Powerpack-Jump-Starter on sale

PowerAll Element Portable Powerpack & Jump Starter

Great for marine & power sports. Waterproof (IP65) as well as dust, snow and shock proof. 12000mAh can charge a standard smartphone 6 times. 12V 400A, jumpstart a petrol engine up to 5L & diesel up to 2.5L. (PBJS12000-AE)
35% off, Save $110.00
$189.00 each
PowerAll-Slim-Plus-Power-Pack-Jump-Starter on sale

PowerAll Slim Plus Power Pack & Jump Starter

9000mAh, 12V 350Amp. Start petrol engines up to 3L & diesel less than 2L. (PBJS9000-S-PLUS)
30% off, Save $60.00
$139.00 each


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