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3-in-1-Jump-Starter on sale

3-in-1 Jump Starter

Jump start a car, bike or 4WD. Huge 300A power. Extremely portable with heavy du... MB3734
Was $159.00
Save $40.00
Now $119.00
Also Available: 4-In-1 with Air Compressor MB3736, was $229.00
Save $40.00
Now $189.00
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Alarm-NBN-System-Backup-Battery on sale

Alarm & NBN System Backup Battery

Avoid being left unsecured or without internet and comms in case of power outage... SB2486
12V-100Ah-AGM-Deep-Cycle-Battery on sale

12V 100Ah AGM* Deep Cycle Battery

FREE Battery Box HB8102 valued at $48.90 with Purchase. Designed to store l... SB1682
Just $379.00
12VDC-to-230VAC-Electrically-Isolated-Inverters on sale

12VDC to 230VAC Electrically Isolated Inverters

Power Up On The Go. These modified sine wave 12VDC to 230VAC electrically i... MI5128
150W Can Size MI5128, was $69.90
Save $10.00
Now $59.90
150W MI5130, was $69.90
Save $10.00
Now $59.90
300W MI5132, was $94.90
Save $20.00
Now $74.90
400W MI5134, was $99.90
Save $20.00
Now $79.90
600W MI5136, was $159.00
Save $20.00
Now $139.00
800W MI5138, was $239.00
Save $30.00
Now $209.00
1100W MI5140, was $319.00
Save $30.00
Now $289.00
1500W MI5142, was $459.00
Save $60.00
Now $399.00
2000W MI5144, was $629.00
Save $60.00
Now $569.00
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Turtle-Wax-8-Piece-Complete-Car-Care-Kit on sale

Turtle Wax 8 Piece Complete Car Care Kit

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto 1 Litre Car Wash & Wax, Wax & Dry 350... 558428
$38.00 kit
SCA-Single-Sheepskin-Seat-Cover on sale

SCA Single Sheepskin Seat Cover

Available for front seats with adjustable or built-in headrests. Patchwork sheep...
50% off, Save $35.01
$34.98 each
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Australian-Export-250g-Enamel-Paint on sale

Australian Export 250g Enamel Paint

High quality, quick drying spray enamel. Not recommended for automotive use. ...
40% off, Save $9.57
Any 3 for $12.00
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NEW-Temporary-Party-Marquee on sale

NEW Temporary Party Marquee

Easy to assemble. Removable back panel with clear windows. Removable side wall p... 559888
$129.00 each
Castrol-Magnatec-Engine-Oil on sale

Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil

6 Litre. 10W-40. API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4. Also available: SCA Funnel (29115... 546182
50% off, Save $35.00
$34.99 each
Also available: SCA Funnel, Save $2.29
$1.50 each
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Shell-Helix-HX7-Engine-Oil on sale

Shell Helix HX7 Engine Oil

4 Litre. 10W-40. API SN/CF. Special active cleansing technology. Enhanced oxidat... 218126
50% off, Save $23.70
$23.49 each
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ToolPRO-Polishing-Compounds on sale

ToolPRO Polishing Compounds

A range of polishing compounds available for cleaning a wide range of metals. ...
$9.27 each
ToolPRO-2-Litre-Garage-Pressure-Sprayer on sale

ToolPRO 2 Litre Garage Pressure Sprayer

Chemical resistant Viton(R) seals. Adjustable brass nozzle - jet to mist. Perfec... 520391
30% off, Save $9.46
$21.98 each
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