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Automotive Care & Cleaning on sale in Auckland

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WD-40-Mighty-Car-Mods-Multi-Purpose-Lubricant on sale

WD-40 Mighty Car Mods Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto 350g. Displaces moisture & provides protec... 587084
$18.99 each
SCA-Century-4WD-Batteries on sale

SCA & Century 4WD Batteries#

Maintenance free, reliable starting power built for New Zealand conditions. ...
25% off, Save $60.00
From $179.99 each
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Armor-All-500mL-Orignal-or-Matte-Protectant on sale

Armor All 500mL Orignal or Matte Protectant

Protects rubber, vinyl & non-clear plastics against discolouration & cra...
30% off, Save $7.89
$17.99 each
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Bissell-Spot-Clean-Turbo-Carpet-Upholstery-Cleaner on sale

Bissell Spot Clean Turbo Carpet & Upholstery C...

Powerful 750W motor for superior cleaning of car interiors, rugs, upholstery, ca... 593188
Save $70.00
$369.00 each
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Valvoline-Diesel-Extra-Engine-Oil on sale

Valvoline Diesel Extra Engine Oil

10L. 15W-40. API SL/CI-4. ACEA E3-E7. Limit 2 per customer. Store stoc... 102393
50% off, Save $50.10
$47.89 each
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SCA-Assorted-1000-Piece-Cable-Ties on sale

SCA Assorted 1000 Piece Cable Ties

UV treated, flame retardant, heat resistant. While stocks last. 5998... 599878
$24.99 pack
Penrite-HPR-Diesel-15-Engine-Oils on sale

Penrite HPR Diesel 15 Engine Oils

15W-50. API SL/CI-4. ACEA A3/B4-E7. Full Zinc additive package provides sacrific...
5L, Save $21.00
$48.99 each
10L, Save $33.60
$78.39 each
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These-Castrol-MAGNATEC-Engine-Oils on sale

These Castrol MAGNATEC Engine Oils

4L 5W-30 (355023) 5L Stop-Start 5W-30 (397455) 5L DX 5W-40 (34...
4L 5W-30, Save $20.10
$46.89 each
5L Stop-Start 5W-30, Save $25.80
$60.19 each
5L DX 5W-40, Save $24.00
$55.99 each
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Nulon-150mL-Petrol-or-Diesel-Injector-Cleaners on sale

Nulon 150mL Petrol or Diesel Injector Cleaners

Cleans & protects. Limit 4 per customer. 345964, 396130
55% off, Save $4.99
$4.00 each
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Nulon-Hi-Tech-Fast-Flowing-Engine-Oil on sale

Nulon Hi-Tech Fast Flowing Engine Oil

4L. 10W-40. API SN/CF. Full synthetic formula provides superior resistance to sl... 381157
40% off, Save $23.10
$31.89 each
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Penrite-HPR-Diesel-5-Engine-Oil on sale

Penrite HPR Diesel 5 Engine Oil

5L. 5W-40. API CI-4 PLUS/SL. ACEA A3/B4, ACEA E7. Extra Ten formulation provides... 348772
30% off, Save $24.00
$55.99 each
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25-off-Castrol-Motorcycle-Oils on sale

25% off* Castrol Motorcycle Oils

1 & 4L Range. *Regular retail price, store stock only.