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Automotive Care & Cleaning on sale in Auckland

Ultrasonic-Parking-Assistant on sale

Ultrasonic Parking Assistant

Nerd Perks Club Offer Here is a great project to help you park your car in your garage. It simply uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to measure how far away the car is from the sensor, and then light up an RGB LED module to let you know how clos... XC4410
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Buy all for $42.90
Valued at $64.00
Duinotech Classic (UNO) XC-4410
Dual Ultrasonic Sensor Module XC-4442
150Mm Plug To Socket Jumper Leads - 40 Pcs WC-6028
Arduino® Compatible RGB LED Module XC-4428
Valvoline-Diesel-Extra-15W-40-Oil on sale

Valvoline Diesel Extra 15W-40 Oil

CI-4/SL, 10L. 10 Litre Value Diesel Limited store stock only. No rainchecks. Limit 3 per customer. (108710)
Hot Price
$59.00 each
Valvoline-Engine-Armour-15W-40-Oil on sale

Valvoline Engine Armour 15W-40 Oil

Synthetic Blend, SN/CF, 5L. Limited store stock only. No rainchecks. Limit 3 per customer. (1167.05)
30% off, Save $12.00
$27.99 each
PowerAll-Supreme-Portable-Powerpack-Jumpstarter on sale

PowerAll Supreme Portable Powerpack & Jumpstarter

16000mAh capacity. 600Amp maximum jumpstart output. Charges devices like smartphones and cameras. Built-in light, standby battery life up to 6 months. Carry case & accessories included. (PBJS16000-RS)
30% off, Save $100.00
$199.00 each
Antlia-1500-PSI-Pressure-Washer on sale

Antlia 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

5.2L/min, 5m hose. (AN18140)
$99.00 each
Antlia-2600-PSI-Pressure-Washer on sale

Antlia 2600 PSI Pressure Washer

7L/min, 7m hose. (AN18210)
$249.00 each
CTEK-12V-Battery-Charger on sale

CTEK 12V Battery Charger

5 Amp. (MXS5.0)
Hot Price
$129.00 each
Motortech-Heavy-Duty-Degreaser-400g on sale

Motortech Heavy Duty Degreaser 400g

Multi Buys, Hot Price
4 for $12.00
Castrol-Magnatec-10W-40 on sale

Castrol Magnatec 10W-40

Semi Synthetic, SN/CF, 4L. (3383433)
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$41.99 each
Castrol-GTX-Diesel-15W-40 on sale

Castrol GTX Diesel 15W-40

CH4/SJ, 10L. (3383926)
15% off, Save $16.99
$75.00 each
Castrol-Garden-4-Stroke-1L on sale

Castrol Garden 4 Stroke 1L

Hot Price
$10.99 each
Castrol-Garden-2-Stroke-1L on sale

Castrol Garden 2 Stroke 1L

20% off, Save $5.00
$17.99 each


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