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Electronics & Photography on sale in Auckland

NEW-4000mAh-Portable-Solar-Rechargeable-Power-Bank on sale

NEW 4000mAh Portable Solar Rechargeable Power Bank

Uses high-performance polymer lithium-Ion battery. • 5V 2.1A output • 155(L) x 70(W) x 15(H)mm MB3723
NEW-Survival-Torch-Lantern-Fire-Starter-and-USB-Power on sale

NEW Survival Torch, Lantern, Fire Starter and USB Power

Ultimate survival tool and a must- have for every bug-out bag. • Rapid-Heating Fire Starter Coil • Internal Lithium Battery with Dynamo Backup • 60 lumens Torch or 20 lumens lantern • USB Charging Port • Sharp Knife & Can ... TH1942
NEW-LED-Worklight-and-Torch-with-Power-Bank on sale

NEW LED Worklight and Torch with Power Bank

• Durable, ultra-bright, light and exceptionally functional • Rubberised ABS Case • 2000mAh Powerbank with USB Outlet • Dual Function Selection 150 Lumen Worklight / 50 Lumen Torch • MicroUSB recharge cable supplied - 200(L) x 38(W) x 3... ST3257
NEW-Waterproof-and-Dust-Proof-XLR on sale

NEW Waterproof and Dust Proof XLR

An IP67 waterproof XLR plate with cover, suitable for harsh environments. Great for use with PA gear and cabling that are used in outdoor conditions. PP1014
NEW-15A-Mains-Connectors on sale

NEW 15A Mains Connectors

15A sockets and plugs with large earth pin. Flexible clear PVC cover for screw terminal visibility. Suits 10mm dia cable. External cord grip and suction boot with IP20 ingress rating. • Socket PS-4004 • Plug PP-4006 PS4004
Socket PS-4004
Plug PP-4006
Red-8-x-8-LED-Dot-Matrix-Module on sale

Red 8 x 8 LED Dot Matrix Module

Could be used to show one or 2 digits or perhaps a small graphic. Can be daisy-chained for larger displays without using more pins. Display area is 32mm x 32mm. Uses 3 pins for data plus 2 for power. XC4499
7-Segment-Module on sale

7-Segment Module

Most useful for numbers, but could be used to show some letters or small animations. Display area is 28mm x 10mm. Only uses 2 pins for data plus 2 for power. XC4569
NEW-RGB-128-x-128-LCD-Screen-Module on sale

NEW RGB 128 x 128 LCD Screen Module

Good for small but detailed text and graphical displays, similar to what might be found in a smartwatch. Controllable backlight. Display area is 26mm x 26mm. Uses 5 pins for data plus 2 for power. XC4629
2-x-16-LCD-Controller-Shield on sale

2 x 16 LCD Controller Shield

Monochrome text display with controllable backlight and 5 input buttons (up to 8 custom characters). Display area is 64mm x 16mm. Uses 6 pins for display and 2 for power, 1 for backlight and 1 analog pin for key input. XC4454
84-x-48-Dot-Matrix-LCD-Display-Module on sale

84 x 48 Dot Matrix LCD Display Module

Monochrome 84x48 pixel graphical LCD with controllable backlight. Ideal for battery powered applications. Can show up to 6 lines of text or any combination of graphics. Display area is 32mm x 22mm. Uses 5 pins for data, 2 for power and 1 for backligh... XC4616
16-x-16-LED-Dot-Matrix-Module on sale

16 x 16 LED Dot Matrix Module

Good for a small numeric readout or a small graphic. Can be daisy-chained for larger displays without using more pins. Display area is 64mm x 64mm. Uses 8 pins for data plus 2 for power. XC4607
Red-LED-Dot-Matrix-Display on sale

Red LED Dot Matrix Display

High enough resolution to display some letters or graphics. Daisy-chain for larger displays without using more pins. Display area is 320mm x 160mm. Ideally suited for marquee type applications. Uses 6 pins for data plus 2 for power. www.jaycar.c... XC4621


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