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Auto-Media-Chargers on sale

Auto Media Chargers

3.1Amp Dual USB Charger (AMDUC) AC/DC Charger with Dual USB Ports (AMUC24...
3.1Amp Dual USB Charger, Save $10.00
$9.99 each
AC/DC Charger with Dual USB Ports, Save $20.00
$19.99 each
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Wireless-Shower-Speakers-Smart-Phone-Karaoke-Sets on sale

Wireless Shower Speakers & Smart Phone Karaoke...

1/2 Price
Shower Speakers, were $24.99
Now $12.49 each
Smart Phone Karaoke Sets, were $16.99
Now $8.49 set
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0-15VDC-0-40A-Regulated-Switchmode-Laboratory-Power-Supply on sale

0-15VDC 0-40A Regulated Switchmode Laboratory Powe...

Highly efficient & reliable for testing and servicing applications. 0-15VDC ... MP3091
Was $399.00
Save $50.00
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Modified-Sinewave-Inverters-with-USB-and-LCD-Display on sale

Modified Sinewave Inverters with USB and LCD Displ...

Power handheld power tools, televisions, gaming consoles, home electronics and s... MI5140
1100W MI5140, was $319.00
Save $30.00
Now $289.00
1500W MI5142, was $459.00
Save $60.00
Now $399.00
2000W MI5144, was $629.00
Save $60.00
Now $569.00
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NEW-Bluetooth-Battery-Monitor on sale

NEW Bluetooth® Battery Monitor

Powerful intelligent battery monitor for Smartphones! Simply connect to the batt... QP2265
Dual-Input-20A-DCDC-Multi-Stage-Battery-Charger on sale

Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger

A one-stop solution to all your 12V power needs! Keeps your 12V auxiliary b... MB3683
Was $339.00
Save $40.00
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NEW-In-Car-Battery-Monitor-and-Temperature-Display on sale

NEW In-Car Battery Monitor and Temperature Display

Absolute plug and play! Simply plug it into a cigarette lighter socket and it wi... QP2222
NEW-Universal-Battery-Tester on sale

NEW Universal Battery Tester

Tests most types of small rechargeable batteries, including a huge range of Lith... QP2260
NEW-DC-Power-Meters-with-Built-In-Shunt-and-LCD-Display on sale

NEW DC Power Meters with Built-In Shunt and LCD Di...

Exceptionally handy for keeping an eye on your solar installation, generator, ba... QP2320
20A 6.5-100V QP2320
100A 6.5-100V QP2321
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200A-DC-Watt-Meter-Power-Analyser-with-LCD-Display on sale

200A DC Watt Meter Power Analyser with LCD Display

All-in-one power, volt, amp-hour, ammeter and energy meter. For systems less tha... MS6190
Bare Leads MS6190, was $56.90
Save $10.00
Now $46.90
Anderson Connectors MS6192, was $69.90
Save $15.00
Now $54.90
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Logic-Level-Converter-Module on sale

Logic Level Converter Module

Provides two bi-directional channels to safely marry 3.3V with 5.0V. Drops strai... XC4486
5V-DC-TO-DC-Converter-Module on sale

5V DC TO DC Converter Module

Capable of providing a stable 5V, from a single Li-Po or two Alkaline cells. Inp... XC4512