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NEW-12V-400A-Compact-Jump-Starter-and-Powerbank on sale

NEW 12V 400A Compact Jump Starter and Powerbank

Ultra-portable and lightweight. Capable of jump starting 12V flat batteries in cars, motorcycles, boats etc. 5V/2A USB port. LED torch. In-car charger included. 135mm long. • High Capacity Lithium Battery • Includes 230mm USB to 30-pin / Mi... MB3753
NEW-12V-AGM-Deep-Cycle-Batteries on sale

NEW 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Quality batteries for deep cycle applications. The absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure of the plates reinforces the lead frame of each plate, and stops the plates from buckling under heavy discharge current. • 75AH: 260(L) x 168(W) x... SB1680
75AH SB-1680
100AH SB-1682
Cordless-Voltage-Tester on sale

Cordless Voltage Tester

Designed for used on modern cars. Quick and easy way to locate electrical faults without a bulky meter. Works on 3-28V circuits. It lights up and buzzes when positive voltage is detected. • Nerd Perks • 2x Points QP2212
Cigarette-Lighter-Battery-Monitor on sale

Cigarette Lighter Battery Monitor

Check the voltage output of your car’s battery quickly and easily. Plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and get an instant readout of the electrical system’s voltage. • Operating voltage: 8 - 28VDC • Nerd Perks • 2x Points QP2220
Speedo-Corrector-Module on sale

Speedo Corrector Module

This module alters the speedometer signal up or down from 0% to 99% of the original signal. Input setup selection can be automatically selected and features a LED indicator. • Power: 12VDC • 63(L) x 46(W) x 25(H)mm AA0376
Automotive-Multi-Function-Circuit-Tester-with-LCD on sale

Automotive Multi-Function Circuit Tester with LCD

Designed to test the electrical system of an automotive vehicle running on 12V or 24V. • 240(L) x 78(H) x 40(W)mm See website for specifications. QM1494
OBD2-Bluetooth-4.0-Engine-Code-Reader on sale

OBD2 Bluetooth® 4.0 Engine Code Reader

View vehicle speed, RPM, fuel cosumption, fuel pressure and engine coolant temperature. See website for specifications. How it works: 1. Connect to OBD2 port 2. Pair it with smartphone, laptop, or tablet 3. Use the supplied software or ... PP2145
Digital-Tachometer on sale

Digital Tachometer

Features a large LCD display, laser pointer, memory recall and a DC socket for mains power (5VDC at 50mA). Supplied with carry case and 600mm reflective tape marks. • 50mm to 500mm detecting distance • 2.5 to 99,999 RPM • 4 x AA batterie... QM1448
Slave-Door-Lock-Actuators on sale

Slave Door Lock Actuators

Use on passenger doors. Durable, waterproof, dustproof. Supplied with universal mounting hardware. Wiring not included. • Input voltage: 9 - 16VDC Also available: Master door lock actuator LR-8815 LR8813
Also Available: Master Door Lock Actuator LR-8815
12-Piece-Audio-and-Interior-Removal-Kit on sale

12 Piece Audio and Interior Removal Kit

Prevent scratching and damaging your vehicle interior with specialised tools. This set of pry bars allow you to remove all the panels including those upholstery clips. Designed to suit any car model. TH2339
12VDC-Electric-Car-Boot-Hatch-Release on sale

12VDC Electric Car Boot/ Hatch Release

Solenoid comes with mounting bracket, wiring loom (fuse included), dash mount push button switch and installation instructions. • Solenoid Unit (inc bracket); 95(L) x 43(D) x 58(H)mm • Switch (on L bracket): 50(H) x 44(W) x 40(D)mm. LR8834
Car-Door-Locking-Kits on sale

Car Door Locking Kits

Add a touch of luxury to your car with this low cost 4 door central locking kit. Supplied with actuators, control relay, hardware and wiring loom. • 4-Door power lock kit LR-8812 • Remote central locking kit 2 keyfobs LR-8839 • Nerd Perk... LR8812
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4-Door LR-8812
Remote LR-8839


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