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    Colour Your Christmas
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Calathea on sale


This attractive foliage plant has stunning patterned leaves and looks great both...
From $29.99 each
Opuntia-Mexican-Christmas-Tree on sale

Opuntia Mexican Christmas Tree

Not your usual Christmas tree, something a little different. Makes a great indoo... 117544
From $22.99 each
Zamioculcas on sale


Easy to grow indoor house plant with attractive high gloss deep green foliage th... 604681
From $29.99 each
Kalanchoe on sale


Growing this attractive semi-succulent, easy care houseplant is a great way to a...
From $15.99 each
Poinsettia on sale


A Christmas classic! Their stunning foliage is perfect for adding some Christmas...
From $9.99 each
African-Violets on sale

African Violets

These petite house plants are a perfect gift, adding a pop of colour into any in... 61810
$12.99 each
Bromeliads on sale


A stunning indoor plant which features an interesting and subtle multi-coloured ...
From $19.99 each
Chrysanthemum on sale


Perfect for the home, garden or office.
From $12.99 each
Dwarf-Pohutukawa on sale

Dwarf Pohutukawa

The iconic Kiwi Christmas tree, in a dwarf form. 50646
From $17.99 each
Peace-Lilies on sale

Peace Lilies

Resilient and graceful. A tried and true gift idea. 603785
From $14.99 each