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Shihad-The-Pacifier-Album-2002 on sale

Shihad: The Pacifier Album (2002)

Reclaiming the album from the band name Pacifier they briefly adopted in the pos...
Gramsci-Like-Stray-Voltage-2005 on sale

Gramsci: Like Stray Voltage (2005)

The final album in the early trilogy of albums (2000-05) by Gramsci, the rock pr...
Devilskin-We-Rise-2014 on sale

Devilskin: We Rise (2014)

The stunning, chart-topping debut by the cross-generational metal four-piece rec...
Beastwars-Tyranny-of-Distance-2023 on sale

Beastwars: Tyranny of Distance (2023)

Almost 20 years on and Beastwars still sound like they are calling up a discipli...
Shepherds-Reign-Ala-Mai-2023 on sale

Shepherds Reign: Ala Mai (2023)

Thunderous and muscular Samoan metal out of Auckland which opens with a celebrat...
Dick-Move-Wet-2023 on sale

Dick Move: Wet (2023)

Like an explosion in a guitar factory, this local band tap into a bratty, stropp...