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  • Dad of the Year Specials
    Dad of the Year Specials
    Thu 28 Aug 2014 - Sun 7 Sep 2014

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Mechpro-Stair-Climber-Trolley on sale

Mechpro Stair Climber Trolley

Includes three wheels on each side which rotate on the axle, making it easy to transport heavy loads up & down stairs. (MPSCT)
Hot price
$79.00 each
Pratley-125g-Putty on sale

Pratley 125g Putty

Quickset. (84135) Steel. (84136) 30% off,
Quickset, Save $5.00
$9.99 each
Steel, Save $5.50
$10.99 each
Power-Train-Drive-Recorder-With-VGA on sale

Power Train Drive Recorder With VGA

VGA video recorder with micro SD card slot. Requires SD card (not included). (DVRVGAC)
Hot price
$29.99 each
NEW-Power-Train-Mirror-Reversing-System-with-DVR-Input on sale

NEW Power Train Mirror Reversing System with DVR Input

Universal mount fits over existing mirror. Additional input for connecting optional drive recorder DVR100. (RVC900)
Intro price
$79.00 each
Purchase-This-Magnatec-10W-40-Oil-Get-A-Repco-Oil-Filter-For-10 on sale

Purchase This Magnatec 10W-40 Oil & Get A Repco Oil Filter* For $10

4L. BONUS BUY! Repco oil filter with this Magnatec Oil for only $10.00 *Offer applies to Repco filters for petrol driven passenger vehicles only. (ROF_). (3383433)
Hot price
$29.99 each
Powerall-Portable-Jumpstarter-Charger on sale

Powerall Portable Jumpstarter & Charger

Charges everything from cameras, portable gaming systems, smart phones, tablets & even jumpstarts a car battery. (PBJS12000-R)
20% off, Save $40.00
$159.00 each
Breathalyser-with-5-Mouth-Pieces on sale

Breathalyser with 5 Mouth Pieces

Highly accurate. Reliable & durable design. Digital display with dual testing modes. Store stock may vary. (ASR) (AL6000PRO)
Hot price
$149.00 each
Castrol-Magnatec-Diesel-15W-40-Oil on sale

Castrol Magnatec Diesel 15W-40 Oil

5L. (3376250)
Hot price
$44.99 each
Solar-Powered-Sensor-Lights on sale

Solar Powered Sensor Lights

No hard wiring required. 18 Super bright LEDs per light. (S8104-1)
55% off, Save $35.00
$24.99 each
Mechpro-Aluminium-Arched-Folding-Loading-Ramp on sale

Mechpro Aluminium Arched Folding Loading Ramp

231cm long when in use. Centre fold for easy storage. 340kg capacity per ramp. Sold individually. (MPALRFA)
45% off, Save $100.00
$119.00 each
JVC-CD-Car-Stereo on sale

JVC CD Car Stereo

Front & rear Aux-In. (KDR336)
30% off, Save $36.00
$84.00 each
Repco-Eclipse-5-Pc-Essentials-Pack on sale

Repco Eclipse 5 Pc Essentials Pack

Contains sponge, chamois, wash & wax 1L, windscreen additive 375ml & protectant wipes 25pk. Limited store stock only. No rainchecks. (RCCESS5P)
Hot price
$22.99 pack

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