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NEW-Laser-Tag-Battle-Guns-2-Pack on sale

NEW Laser Tag Battle Guns - 2 Pack

Video game action leaps into your backyard. Features built-in infrared receivers... GT4074
Just $99.90
Tobbie-the-Robot-Hexapod-Kit on sale

Tobbie the Robot - Hexapod Kit

A new 6-legged robot that you can build. He can walk and spin in any direction, ... KJ9031
Only $56.90
Snap-On-Electronic-Kits on sale

Snap-On Electronic Kits

All in bright coloured pieces. Parts simply snap together without any screws or ... KJ8976
14-in-1 KJ8976
Car and Boat KJ8972
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Smart-Frilled-Lizard-Kit on sale

Smart Frilled Lizard Kit

Build this interactive lizard, it can be set to follow you or scamper away after... KJ8968
Was $69.90
Save $20.00
Now $49.90
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NEW-DIY-Battle-Drone on sale

NEW DIY Battle Drone

Ready aim fire. Engage in drone warfare with friends or family. Features gyro st... GT4220
Only $69.90
12-In-1-Solar-Hydraulic-Robot-Kit on sale

12-In-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit

Learn about solar power & hydraulics. 12 easy to build models including croc... KJ9030
Only $45.90
Robot-Arm-Kit-with-Controller on sale

Robot Arm Kit with Controller

Ideal for anyone interested in robotic construction. 100g lift capacity. Supplie... KJ8916
Only $89.90
Also Available: USB Iinterface Kit to Suit KJ8917
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MakeBlock-Codey-Rocky-Robot-Kit on sale

MakeBlock Codey Rocky Robot Kit

A robot for beginners to learn coding and AI while they play. Comes in two parts... KR9230
Only $169.00
Cardboard-Radio-Construction-Kit on sale

Cardboard Radio Construction Kit

Make Your Own Radio. Make your own AM/FM radio with this cardboard radio c... KJ9021
Only $28.90
USB-LED-Display-Fans on sale

USB LED Display Fans

These are fun to look at and useful too! Available as either direct mount to l a... GH1031
Programmable GH1031
Bluetooth desk mount GH1021
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Hasbro-Gaming-Trivial-Pursuit-40th-Anniversary-Edition on sale

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit 40th Anniversary Edi...

Only at Whitcoulls. Celebrate 40 years of obscure trivia with this premium ...
The-Chameleon-Game on sale

The Chameleon Game

Blend in and don’t get caught! A bluffing deduction game where everyone knows ... 6295090