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NEW-Meet-Edison-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW Meet Edison Robot Kit

A compact, pre-assembled robot that is built to last. Pre-programmed with 6 robo... KR9210
NEW-Makeblock-mBot-Bluetooth-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW Makeblock mBot Bluetooth Robot Kit

Introducing mBot. An easy-to-assemble, entry-level robot that can avoid obs... KR9200
NEW-Littlebits-Kits on sale

NEW Littlebits Kits

Teach your kids electronics with Littlebits. A clever range of kits to help... KJ9120
Rule Your Room Kit KJ-9120
Gizmos and Gadgets Kit KJ-9100
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Gyro-Robot-Kit on sale

Gyro Robot Kit

Up to 7 experiments - Robo Gyro, Gyro Compass, Gyrorector, Segway, Rope Walker, ... KJ8957
4-in-1-Solar-Robot-Kit on sale

4-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

It can 'transform' between a T-Rex or Rhino beetle with moving legs an... KJ8965
Can-Robot-Kit on sale

Can Robot Kit

Build wacky robots out of a coke can, a water bottle or wasted CDs! No batteries... KJ8939