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48W-Temperature-Controlled-Soldering-Station on sale

48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

Features accurate analogue temperature adjustment, ceramic element and a lightwe... TS1564
Also available: Spare Soldering Pencil TS-1565
0.5mm Conical Tip TS-1566
2.0mm Conical Tip TS-1567
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Thermaltronics-ESD-Safe-Soldering-Station on sale

Thermaltronics ESD Safe Soldering Station

Serious about Soldering? An outstanding, fast, accurate 50W ESD safe solder... TS1584
Save $90.00
RRP $439.00
Also available: Spare Tips with Heating Element
From $33.90
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300W-Hot-Air-Rework-Station-with-LED-Display on sale

300W Hot Air Rework Station with LED Display

By using hot air rather than a soldering iron, you get a more uniform heat trans... TS1645
Was $179.00
Save $30.00
Now $149.00
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Portasol-Pro-Piezo-Gas-Soldering-Kit on sale

Portasol Pro Piezo Gas Soldering Kit

Features 120 minutes run time, 10 seconds fill, and 30 seconds heat up. Maximum ... TS1328
Also available: Butane Gas NA-1020
25W-Soldering-Iron-with-LED on sale

25W Soldering Iron with LED

Illuminate the area so you have a better solder joint. Fast heat up, good temper... TS1468
Piezo-Ignition-Micro-Torch on sale

Piezo Ignition Micro Torch

Ideal for brazing, silver soldering, jewellery work, heat shrinking, plumbing an... TS1660
Also available: Butane Gas NA-1020
Soldering-Iron-Tip-Cleaner on sale

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Eliminates the temperature variation associated with the wet sponge. • Su... TS1510
Metal-Desolder-Tool on sale

Metal Desolder Tool

Made of lightweight metal and has strong suction. • Automatically cleans ... TH1862
Duratech-Solder-200g on sale

Duratech Solder 200g

60% Tin / 40% Lead. Resin cored. 2 sizes available. • 0.71mm NS-3005 •... NS3005
$19.90 each
Goot-Desolder-Braid on sale

Goot Desolder Braid

High quality, Japan made. • 1500mm long • 1.5mm Wide NS-3026 • ... NS3026
$7.90 each
Arduino-Ultraviolet-Sensor-Module on sale

Arduino® Ultraviolet Sensor Module

Can be used to measure UV exposure from the sun, or even check that your UV ster... XC4518
Arduino-Data-Logging-Shield on sale

Arduino® Data Logging Shield

Save your data to an SD Card (not included), and use the inbuilt battery backed ... XC4536