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    Thu 24 Aug 2017 - Sat 23 Sep 2017

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NEW-Meet-Edison-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW Meet Edison Robot Kit

A compact, pre-assembled robot that is built to last. Pre-programmed with 6 robo... KR9210
NEW-Makeblock-mBot-Bluetooth-Robot-Kit on sale

NEW Makeblock mBot Bluetooth Robot Kit

Introducing mBot. An easy-to-assemble, entry-level robot that can avoid obs... KR9200
NEW-Draw-Circuits-Circuit-Scribe-Basic-Kit on sale

NEW Draw Circuits Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Contains a Circuit Scribe pen, six modules, battery, workbook and accessories to... KJ9340
Only $79.90
NEW-Draw-Circuits-Circuit-Scribe-Maker-Kit on sale

NEW Draw Circuits Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

17 piece kit to take your circuit sketches to the next level with inputs, output... KJ9310
Only $139.00
NEW-Draw-Circuits-Circuit-Scribe-Ultimate-Kit on sale

NEW Draw Circuits Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit

32 piece kit for more complex, robust circuits, which you can hook up to program... KJ9300
Only $169.00
NEW-Littlebits-Kits on sale

NEW Littlebits Kits

Teach your kids electronics with Littlebits. A clever range of kits to help... KJ9120
Rule Your Room Kit KJ-9120
Gizmos and Gadgets Kit KJ-9100
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NEW-Circuit-Stickers-Stem-Starter-Pack on sale

NEW Circuit Stickers Stem Starter Pack

Uses copper tape with component stickers to allow kids to merge art and electron... KJ9330
Arduino-Compatible-Duinotech-Learning-Kit on sale

Arduino Compatible Duinotech Learning Kit

Learn the Arduino® Basics All-in-One learning kit: This starter kit in... XC3900
Was $94.90
Save $15.00
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Linker-Base-Shield on sale

Linker Base Shield

Make Prototyping Easier. This is the base shield of Linker kit, it allows a... XC4557
Linker-Jumper-Leads on sale

Linker Jumper Leads

Make Prototyping Easier. Connects Linker kit sensors/modules and Linker kit... XC4558
$6.90 each
Linker-4-Digit-7-Segment-Module on sale

Linker 4-Digit 7-Segment Module

Uses a chipset of TM1637 to drive a 12-pin 4-digit command anode 7-segment LED. ... XC4569
Linker-Touch-Sensor on sale

Linker Touch Sensor

A capacitive touch sensor to replace a push button. Low in power consumption, fa... XC4572