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    Wed 24 Jan 2018 - Fri 23 Feb 2018

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Solar-Power-Pack-with-LED-Lights on sale

Solar Power Pack with LED Lights

All-in-one solar power solution for the garage, shed, caravan, boat, or even ten... MB3697
Was $209.00
Save $40.00
Now $169.00
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12V-Folding-Solar-Panels on sale

12V Folding Solar Panels

A convenient and portable power solution! Monocrystalline panels. Built-in PWM s... ZM9174
100W ZM-9174
120W ZM-9176
160W ZM-9178
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12V-15A-High-Power-4-Stage-Battery-Charger on sale

12V 15A High Power 4-Stage Battery Charger

Designed to quickly recharge 12V lead-acid batteries (wet, sealed, AGM, etc) wit... MB3710
Was $309.00
Save $20.00
Now $289.00
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12V-8A-Water-Resistant-PWM-Solar-Charge-Controller on sale

12V 8A Water Resistant PWM Solar Charge Controller

Suitable for both wet-cell and sealed lead-acid batteries. Uses pulse width modu... MP3720
Was $56.90
Save $11.00
Now $45.90
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50A-MPPT-Solar-Charge-Controller on sale

50A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Highly intelligent charge controller for use with solar installations up to 95VD... MP3731
Was $549.00
Save $150.00
Now $399.00
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500W-Wind-Turbine-Generator on sale

500W Wind Turbine Generator

Harness free energy from the wind. Marine grade, rugged and salt corrosion resis... MG4550
Powerboard-Extension-Lead-Combo on sale

Powerboard & Extension Lead Combo

4 way round cable reel with 15m extension lead. No tangles, no fuss, and it’s ... MS4039
Was $56.90
Save $11.00
Now $45.90
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Variable-Laboratory-Autotransformer-Variac on sale

Variable Laboratory Autotransformer (Variac)

Encased in heavy-duty steel housing, this unit enables the AC input to a mains p... MP3080
Was $289.00
Save $60.00
Now $229.00
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4-Outlet-10A-Power-Block-IP44 on sale

4 Outlet 10A Power Block - IP44

Spring loaded outlet covers. Integrated overload protection. • Water resi... MS4086
Was $33.90
Save $5.00
Now $28.90
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Arduino-Compatible-Single-Relay-Module on sale

Arduino® Compatible Single Relay Module

Needs an external source of 5V power, so is suitable for USB powered projects, b... XC4419
Arduino-Compatible-Four-Eight-Relay-Modules on sale

Arduino® Compatible Four & Eight Relay Mod...

Rely on an external 12V (9V-14.4V should work fine) power supply to operate thei... XC4440
4 Channel XC-4440
8 Channel XC-4418
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Arduino-Compatible-Motor-Control-Module on sale

Arduino® Compatible Motor Control Module

Has 2 x 5V servo ports connected to the Arduino's high-resolution dedicated... XC4472