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NEW-Engineers-Ruler-25cm-with-Scale on sale

NEW Engineers Ruler - 25cm with Scale

Includes several charts and diagrams i.e angle gauges, IC pin spacing tables and... TH2520
Just $6.90
NEW-Rotary-Tool-Bit-Set on sale

NEW Rotary Tool Bit Set

192 piece. Comes with a variety of components for sanding, engraving, cutting, g... TD2455
Just $16.90
NEW-ESD-Safe-SolderDesolder-Rework-Station on sale

NEW ESD Safe Solder/Desolder Rework Station

For professional and hobbyist use. 60W Soldering pencil and 300W rework blower. ... TS1648
Just $289.00
FlashForge-Inventor-Dual-Filament-3D-Printer on sale

FlashForge Inventor Dual Filament 3D Printer

Simple. Smart. Accessible. 50micron print resolution for a high-quality fin... TL4230
Was $1799.00
Save $100.00
Now just $1699.00
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NEW-3D-Printing-Tool-Kit on sale

NEW 3D Printing Tool Kit

Includes commonly required tools that you need to service your printer or to unc... TD2132
Just $56.90
1.75mm-PLA-Filament on sale

1.75mm PLA Filament

The best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament engineered and manufactur... TL4260
20% off
Now from $22.90 each
600g TL4260 - TL4266, was $28.90
1kg TL4270 - TL4276, was $45.90
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Illuminated-Arcade-Buttons on sale

Illuminated Arcade Buttons

Suits 25mm mounting hole. Microswitch for reliable operation. Red, yellow, green... SP0662
Just $10.90 each
Arcade-Joystick-with-Microswitches on sale

Arcade Joystick with Microswitches

2 way, 4 way and 8 way options restrictor plate, metal mounting plate and main s... SM1052
Just $22.90
NEW-Retro-NES-Case on sale

NEW Retro NES Case

Includes access to all ports on your Raspberry Pi, additional USB ports, and a h... XC4403
Just $45.90
NEW-Retro-NES-Style-Controller on sale

NEW Retro NES Style Controller

SNES layout. Features A/B/X/Y buttons, start, select, and direction controls. Ea... XC4404
Just $10.90
USB-Interface-for-Joystick-and-Buttons on sale

USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons

Suitable for arcade games, flight simulators or anything that works with a USB j... XC9046
Just $22.90
Duratech-25W-80W-Mains-Powered-Soldering-Irons on sale

Duratech 25W – 80W Mains Powered Soldering Irons

• Stainless steel barrel • Temp range: up to 380°C (TS1465) 470°C (... TS1465
25W TS1465
40W TS1475
80W TS1485
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