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    Sat 24 Jun 2017 - Sun 23 Jul 2017

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NEW-Yun-Wi-Fi-Shield on sale

NEW Yun Wi-Fi Shield

Allows you to easily program and operate your Arduino project over Wi-Fi and all... XC4388
NEW-Arduino-Compatible-Duinotech-Learning-Kit on sale

NEW Arduino Compatible Duinotech Learning Kit

Looking to get into Arduino® but don’t quite know where to start? We have ... XC3900
NEW-Mean-Well-Mini-Enclosed-SMPS on sale

NEW Mean Well Mini Enclosed SMPS

We have been selling Mean Well power supplies for over 17 years now, and found t...
Single Output: 5V 15W 3A MP-3295
12V 15W 1.3A MP-3296
12V 25W 2.1A MP-3297
24V 25W 1.1A MP-3298
Dual Output: 5V/24V 65W 6A/3A MP-3299
5V/24V 125W 4.6A/4.6A MP-3300
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NEW-Mean-Well-Mini-Encapsulated-SMPS on sale

NEW Mean Well Mini Encapsulated SMPS

We have been selling Mean Well power supplies for over 17 years now, and found t... MP3301
$45.90 each
NEW-Mean-Well-Dimmable-LED-Power-Supplies on sale

NEW Mean Well Dimmable LED Power Supplies

We have been selling Mean Well power supplies for over 17 years now, and found t...
12V 40W 3.34A MP-3374
12V 60W 5A MP-3376
24V 40W 1.67A MP-3375
24V 60W 2.5A MP-3377
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NEW-Car-Battery-Discharge-Protector on sale

NEW Car Battery Discharge Protector

Warns you when battery power is running low & disconnects when power gets to... MB3676
NEW-9.6A-4-Port-Backseat-USB-Car-Charger on sale

NEW 9.6A 4 Port Backseat USB Car Charger

Simultaneous 4-port USB charging: two USB up-front, and two more charging ports ... MP3690
NEW-12V-450A-Li-Po-Jump-Starter-and-Powerbank on sale

NEW 12V 450A Li-Po Jump Starter and Powerbank

Will crank an engine up to a 5L petrol, or 3L diesel. • 300A continuous, ...
Also available: 12V 700A Jump Starter & Powerbank
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NEW-Long-Range-Lora-Shield on sale

NEW Long Range Lora™ Shield

Introducing LoRa™, a powerful new technology enabling secure wireless data com... XC4392
NEW-Arduino-Compatible-RGB-LED-Strip-Module on sale

NEW Arduino® Compatible RGB LED Strip Module

Strip of eight RGB LEDs which can be controlled by a single Arduino® pin. Up... XC4380
Relay-Boards on sale

Relay Boards

The easiest way to use your project to switch real world devices. Can switch up ...
1 WAY 5VDC XC-4419
4 WAY 12VDC XC-4440
8 WAY 12VDC XC-4418
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PcDuino-V3.0-with-Wi-Fi on sale

PcDuino V3.0 with Wi-Fi

• Built in Wi-Fi capability • Supported digital audio via I2C • 121(L) x... XC4350